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Bunty SomRoy

Owner & Chief Marketing Strategist


Hi, I’m Bunty SomRoy, 34 years old, American marketer for most of my career. I’ve worked in so many niches and industries by this point, if you have a marketing problem, chances are that I’ve seen it already. 


My role here is to make sure our team always has the best digital marketers who make decisions with your businesses’ best interests at heart – regardless if that means working with us or not.4

Velizar Milanov

Director of Paid Traffic


I am a digital marketing expert with over 6 years of experience. My work focuses on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads. I am also the account manager for all of the clients.

Daniel Rogachev

Paid Search Lead


I am a performance marketing expert with 5 years of experience in Google, Bing, and YouTube ads. I make sure your clicks turn into profit on the major search engines.

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