Testimonial from Nigel Moore:
The Tech Tribe Founder

We 3x’d his membership site from $3,700 MRR to $11,700 MRR

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Want the knitty gritty details?


The membership site, The Tech Tribe, is for IT support business owners — a demographic that Nigel *is* himself.
He took his previous IT support biz to 1.5m in ARR and sold it at a point where he was only needed IN the business about 10 hours each week.
And now The Tech Tribe teaches its members how to build and scale their businesses in a way that Nigel did before exiting his own biz through training, resources, live masterminds, and a buzzing community.
The product market fit here is KEY in the research well before any ads can be run.
Think about the product being the V8 engine inside of a Ferrari and FB Ads is the fuel… even with premium gas, a poor engine won’t run but a supreme engine with poor gas will still outperform the competition.
There was still one major obstacle on my side to making Ads work for The Tech Tribe — getting around how new the business is.
Yes, the product works. AND Nigel had validated it by acquiring almost 80 members on his initial launch alone.
A solid base.
But there are a lot of other factors when it comes to the success of a campaign other than the offer (product) itself…
✔ The overall strategy used to acquire members
✔ The ad’s offer (separate from the product)
✔ The laser-specific targeting for B2B
✔ Copy that speaks directly to the pain points
✔ Analyzing the data and pivoting to our winning-strategy
And most of this had not been tested through the lens of paid traffic.
Let’s break it down 1-by-1…
➡ The overall strategy used to acquire members ⬅
Nigel knew that he was going to be spending money to grow his list FIRST. This way, he’s spending money to be able to advertise to his email list in the future without the need for adspend to get in front of them.
An email list is the backbone of any growth, right?
He had already invested resources into creating a compelling ethical bribe that our audience would download in exchange for their email, otherwise known as a lead magnet.
After collecting emails, Nigel settled on doing a fixed-date product launch where he would open the gates for a limited time.
Collecting the emails was our first hurdle…
➡ The ad’s offer (separate from the product) ⬅
Remember the ethical bribe / lead magnet?
We first used a Productivity Guide / Time Hacks for busy IT support owners.
This completely flopped at getting $20 leads out of the gate.
Thinking, “oh it might stabilize,” we let it run until $80 later we only had 4 emails : |
Not an awesome start and being responsible for the advertising aspect, I started questioning myself on what I was doing wrong.
Spoiler Alert: I wasn’t doing anything wrong.
So what happened?
Nigel created another lead magnet which directly provided a quick and easy solution to a major pain point in the industry – pricing their services.
BAM! $2 leads.
After stabilizing and more testing, we averaged around $4 leads —a 5-10x difference from our first testing round.
The messaging was crucial in this success as well…
➡ Copy that speaks directly to the pain points ⬅
We settled on long-form copy that asked people to fill out a quick survey (built with Thrive Themes Quiz Buider) before leading them to our 2-step opt-in page (also built with Thrive + Thrive Leads).
The post itself leveraged story-telling by Nigel sharing his struggles about pricing his packages back in the day and how he came up with a more efficient pricing model, encouraging others to open a conversation whether this new package would work for them or not.
So now that we worked out the offer and messaging, how did we find these people?
➡ The laser-specific targeting for B2B ⬅
Facebook’s targeting ability allows you to get insanely specific.
Rather than targeting very broad, large interests like “IT management” or “IT consulting”, we targeted industry vendors that only IT support business owners knew *and no one else*
*And no one else* is key. This filters out less qualified people.
DigitalMarketer has a great blog post on targeting where they used targeting golf enthusiasts as a great example…
Rather than targeting Tiger Woods, they googled the top 10 pro golfers and then found the ones that were popular in the golfing community and nowhere else.
Think about the things you’re passionate about… what are the books you read, the idols you follow, what conferences/events you go to, and ways you take in information in that niche?
This is always a good starting point.
➡ Analyzing the data and pivoting to our winning-strategy ⬅
After a few months, we had leads coming in and a few launches to get people in through paying doors.
But the launches were straining Nigel’s capacity, preventing him from creating content for the members and staying in his zone of genius.
So, we kept testing other funnel strategies now that we figured out a good lead magnet and messaging.
One of the first things we tried was Wilco de Kreij’s UpViral (Growth & Marketing) giveaway tool to incentivize leads to share the pricing guide to their friends.
It looked promising that we could cut our lead cost dramatically if people shared, but most people just fraudulently signed up with other emails.
These tech guys really knew how to get around IP tracking, too, so UpViral couldn’t tell if multiple addresses came from the same computer until we looked at it manually.
Sure, we could have used other methods for virality but overall this strategy was a bust for us and would take a lot more testing to make it work.
At the same time, I’ve been digesting Miles Beckler’s YouTube channel like a mad man on funnels, marketing, business, and Facebook ads.
No funnel hacking required for you to learn the exact strategy he and his wife used — major props for the transparency Miles…
All we did was turn our lead magnet’s thank you page into a long-form sales page promoting a $7 trial membership.
No launch, no wait, no emails.
That converted at 5% right off the bat!
At this point, we also started getting the deepest funnel metrics, shifting our KPI from CPL to CPA.
Now we accurately saw our $2 leads were converting into members at almost double CPA than our $4-$8 leads.
And our best audience yielded almost $10 leads but converted at HALF the CPA of our $4-$8 leads.
You know what else was interesting? The relevance score was the opposite of what we were expecting.
The relevance score is Facebook’s 1-10 rating of how much their users like our ad. Our top performing ads got the lowest relevance score and our lowest performing ads had the highest score.
Goes to show you how important it is to identify and stick to your KPIs instead of vanity metrics.
Fast forward a few more months and we actually scaled down our Facebook Ads to focus on bringing other parts of The Tech Tribe up to speed.
Since scaling back, Nigel has appeared on podcasts and other popular industry webinars that are bringing in other traffic sources.


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