Want Sales Opportunities from Google Ads Search Campaign?

In this 15-minute call, I’ll walk you through the nuts and bolts of how your campaign would work, the costs, and my value add to you.

Check out how we turned $200 in advertising budget to $30,000 in contracts for this landscaper

"We freed up a significant amount of time by working with you..."

Key Takeaways:

➡️ “when you came in, you immediately drove improvements in both our key channels…”

➡️ “we went from not tracking data properly and optimizing for the wrong things to optimizing for payback period – which saved us at least 5 figures in marketing spend…”

➡️ “I really liked the rapid follow up and response as well as the accountability you hold yourselves to…”

Companies Who Have Put Their Trust In Us
Meet Your Expert

Bunty SomRoy

Owner & Chief Marketing Strategist


Hi, I’m Bunty SomRoy, 34 years old, American marketer for most of my career. I’ve worked in so many niches and industries by this point, if you have a marketing problem, chances are that I’ve seen it already. 


My role here is to make sure our team always has the best digital marketers who make decisions with your businesses’ best interests at heart – regardless if that means working with us or not.4

"The Facebook Ad Strategy can make the business hum at a different level."

“He became a really integral part of our business, especially helping around getting leads and getting new clients in the door – he did an amazingly exceptional good job at that.

He’s really worked in lots of different areas and that’s going to help him not only craft people amazing Facebook Ad strategies, but also help them dig a little bit deeper into other areas of their business.”

Nigel Moore, Founder
The Tech Tribe

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